So who are casinos free spins?

We’re your new best friends, that’s who. OK, that’s a little presumptuous, but we have created this site to make friends with the community of online slot players in the UK by giving you some free, honest advice on some great places to play and how to rinse the most from your moolah using free spins bonus promotions.

What can i expect from you?

First and foremost, you can expect a lot of free spins bonus news and reviews that you can really make use of. Our site’s name should be a dead giveaway of that intention and we’re gunning to be your trusted guide to the latest and greatest freebies at some of the best online casinos.

We take the time to scour the Internet for interesting online casinos with free spins offers worthy of any keen slot player’s attention so you don’t have to. Whittling down where to play and who’s got the warmest Welcome Package is a time-consuming chore, so if you’re after an easy life with a fast-track to some lip-smacking free spins action we think you’ll be happy to have us do all the digging.

Why do we do what we do?

We love playing online slots too, and this site was created from our own frustration at the lack of decent news sites to take the hassle out of hunting for new free spins bonus promotions. Having undertaken lots of hard work to research casinos and free spins offers for our own entertainment, we thought ‘why not share?’

Through affiliate marketing we found a way to work closely with some first-class online casinos that allowed us to (a) make our service free plus (b) offer our readers exclusive bonuses, and so in 2017 Casinosfreespins.co.uk was launched.

What is our experience with online casinos?

The core online casino experience for our team is as players like you. We’re avid consumers of online slots for our own entertainment on the Internet – we do watch the odd cat video and ‘epic fail’ compilation on YouTube though, it must be said – and so we hope you’ll find Casinosfreespins.co.uk is driven by a real enthusiasm for reel gaming. We do not work for any of the casinos or slot game developers we feature, so you can be sure that the content on Casinosfreespins.co.uk is an authentic opinion from the player’s perspective.

Who’s writing for us?

The team at Casinosfreespins.co.uk is a motley bunch – Dave, our web designer being perhaps the moteliest of all with his bizarre fashion sense and even more bizarre facial hair – but we all come from a background of digital media and entertainment. We’ve got graphic designers, online journalists and code monkeys in our ranks, but all can be found fanatically bothering the best online slots during their free time and bragging about big wins in the pub after work.